For those who have watched the Swedish actor Krister Henriksson in his role as TV detective Kurt Wallander, no words can describe how we feel this weekend. Tonight we will watch his last performance as Wallander, a role that has gradually seen our dear friend transformed into a man living in the shadow of impending Alzheimer’s.

In the penultimate episode, we watched as Wallander struggled with the symptoms of Alzheimer’s in the midst of his daily work. People often think of Alzheimer’s (the most common cause of dementia) as a condition that affects the family and friends of those who have it. Employers and work colleagues, however, may also be affected and we see this clearly in the case of Wallander.

Many who work in Human Resources could well benefit from seeing how his symptoms reveal themselves and the coping strategies that he initially develops. Everyone is unique but Henriksson’s skilful acting and the superb way in which this storyline is presented enables the viewer to gain some insight into the condition.

As Kurt Wallander slips away from us tonight, he has left a considerable legacy for those dealing with Alzheimer’s both now and in the future.