Never under-estimate what you can learn from others

Thanks to Ronaldo I have discovered that having a recent tattoo can prevent you from being a blood donor. The iconic footballer revealed recently that he does not have tattoos because he donates blood often. He is also a bone marrow donor, moved by the plight of Gustavo, the young son of his former teammate Carlos Martins, who was diagnosed with leukaemia in 2011.

If you have had a tattoo done, you may have to wait for 4 months in England & Wales (or 12 months in Scotland) before your blood can be accepted.

This is because some blood-borne viruses, such as Hepatitis B, can be spread by unsterile needles. Even though this is most unlikely to happen in the case of licensed tattooists, who have to maintain basic health & safety standards, the UK’s blood transfusion services must minimise any risk to recipients.

Thank you Ronaldo; if your example helps to save just one life that will outlast even your significant achievements as a footballer. Wealthy footballers can easily donate money to good causes; to donate your blood and bone marrow is a far more tangible sign of generosity.