Every now and again, one makes a discovery that makes you wonder, “Why did no one think of that before?” This was my reaction when I happened upon a beautiful baby shop in Balham, South London. The beautiful stock inside and 2 lovely flower containers outside were enhanced even more, in my eyes, by the ‘grass’ covered ramp at the door – and then there was more.

A yellow and black ‘SIT STOP’ logo adorned the window, indicating that inside the shop there was a chair for anyone who might need a seat for a while: a service provided without any obligation to buy or even to look around the shop. It is a brilliant but simple idea that was started in the London borough of Richmond by a group of individuals led by 3 Fellows of the Royal Society of Arts.

Retailers are always quick to copy one another: let us hope that this idea has many copycats! You can find further details here http://sitstop.co.uk/