What do you get if you question 30000 people across 60 countries?

A resounding NO to the idea that tech is just for young people.

Another resounding NO to the common belief that young people are the worst offenders for using tech during mealtimes

And a final NO to the commonly held view that young people do not turn to TV to get the news.

There are plenty of YESES, of course, and you can find these in the report ‘GLOBAL GENERATIONAL LIFESTYLES: How We Live, Eat, Play, Work and Save for Our Futures’ http://www.nielsen.com/us/en/insights/reports/2015...

published a few days ago by the consumer research company Nielsen.

Whoever you are and whatever your age, have a browse for yourself; the report is attractively presented and you can consider how you would have responded to the survey. Does the report paint an accurate picture of your life and ‘squash stereotypes?’

Oh Tech: You’re So Cross-Generational!