We need to talk about experts.

Experts are difficult people, according to Connor Kinnear, Chief Marketing Officer at Passle, ‘a digital marketing platform designed around the needs of the busy experts at the heart of knowledge businesses.’ (I’m writing this on the Passle platform right now so I have a bit of an insider’s outlook).

Speaking to delegates at the Digital Marketing Show (whom he described as ‘a spritely crowd’), Kinnear outlined his experiences of working with clients who wanted their ‘experts’ to produce written material on a regular basis. Marketing experts like Kinnear himself call this ‘hub content’; the aim is to enhance the reputation of the business by targeting the relevant knowledgeable audience with articles, blogs, etc..

Experts have big egos, Kinnear tells us - but not so big that they don’t appreciate feedback. We often think of experts as ‘serious people’ but they are also very competitive. Busy people generally, the key to wrapping them around your little finger is by turning the writing process into a competition.

So there you have it. Dangle a little prize before an expert’s eyes and the content will start to flow like saliva from an excited dog’s mouth.